5 of the Most Common Types Of Businesses In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is one of the most conservative states in the US. This great state is unique for its productive and economic excellence. As one of the developing states in the US, Wisconsin has come on the top of productive manufacturing. Below are some common types of business in the state of Wisconsin. 


One quarter of the cheese in America is from Wisconsin. Wisconsin leads every other state in the US in cheese production. After California, Wisconsin takes the second position in milk production. When talking about per-capita milk production, Wisconsin occupies the third position.   

In butter production, the state of Wisconsin occupies the second position. In the production of corn for ginseng, cranberries and silage, Wisconsin is the best. Agriculture is a big proponent to the economic strength of Wisconsin.  

Consumer Goods: 

With packaging, paper and other consumer goods, Wisconsin remain a big producer. Diversey Inc and SC Johnson & Co are some of the big producers in the state.   

When talking about paper products, Wisconsin remains the largest producer in the US. The economy of the state is also growing from the creation of healthcare devices.  


There is no production of coal, gas, or oil in Wisconsin. From of the electricity generation in the state of Wisconsin comes from coal. Nuclear and natural gas are other sources of electricity in the state. 

About 10 percent of Wisconsin electrical energy emanates from renewable sources. As a growing economy, energy businesses are also taking a new shape in the state.  


The manufacturing industry in Wisconsin is large and functional. This helps to drive the economy of the state to a promising height at the moment. Capital equipment and transportation are the major focus on the manufacturing in Wisconsin.  

Johnson Controls and Joy Furniture are some of the business in the state. At the moment, the manufacturing industry is still growing and developing in Wisconsin. 


One of the best businesses that thrive well in Wisconsin is the movie industry. Tons of incentives are available for people who create movie business. Wisconsin is a great state that displays some of the core principles and values of the country.  

These help businesses to form a cutting edge opinion when creating movies in the state. Another thing that keep making the movie business grow in Wisconsin is the people. People like to reflect on their values in the state, helping film businesses to grow faster.  


While there may be more common businesses in Wisconsin, the above options can help you start. Trading, finance, IT and other businesses also thrive in the state at a high rate. All it takes is dedication to become a successful business owner in Wisconsin.  

The ideas above will also help you make the best decision when planning to create a business in the state. Above all, Wisconsin will help you enjoy some of the true values of the country. Are you planning to invest in the US? Give Wisconsin a try and see how the state helps to build your business.